Here's What Customers Are
Saying About Atlas Peat & Soil
"Atlas Peat & Soil helped my father start his nursery over 40 years ago with 5 acres and a pickup truck. We have been using Atlas Peat ever since. Customer service and on-time deliveries have kept our 30-acre nursery growing all these years."
- Andrew, Spanish River Nursery
"Geronimo Farms has used Atlas Peat and Soil exclusively for over 30 years. There's a reason for's the best available. The quality of the peat...the machine mixing...the incorporation of my amendments...and last but definitely not least is the service and friendly staff working at Atlas. If you need a good mix for your business Atlas is the soil company to call."   - Pat O'Bryant, Geronimo Farms, Delray Beach, Florida
"I have been buying my soil from Atlas for over 30 years. They have been always been able to get us a load of soil within 24 hours. Never had any problems with contaminants such as boards or sticks or garbage like we did from other companies years ago. Outstanding service and always consistent blending of all of my components and fertilizer. Great Soil Company!"   - George Butler, Butler's Foliage, Inc.
"Costa Farms has been using Atlas Peat and Soil for 16 years and through the years they have provided us with top-quality soil that has helped us grow our business. Their quality, service and attention to detail is second to none. We would highly recommend them and their products to anyone looking to succeed in our industry."   - Mike Merida, Costa Farms
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Let Us Help You Choose The Perfect Components In Your Mix To Ensure That You Maximize The Growth Of Your Plants And Grow Your Best Crop. Croton Grown In South Florida Shade Houses.


Mandevilla requires just the right amount of aeration and water holding capacity. Our 2 State of art in-line mixers give us the ability to be certain that every yard of soil has precisely what is necessary to produce a consistent soil mix.


Our custom soil mixes produced with top quality Florida Peat or AtlasGrow will
provide a mix that allows your crops to finish on time and reduce your weed pressure.